Student Scholarship

15 scholarships per year have been distributed via the Scholarship Fund to deserving students at FJMC, Lahore.

The most consistent project we all have been able to sustain is the SCHOLARSHIP FUND distributed to deserving students at FJMC, Lahore. We have been supporting 15 scholarships per year for the past several years. We have started a partnership with the APPNA scholarship program in 2014. The most attractive incentive about this program is that each participating alumni association’s funds will be matched by an anonymous donor. Each alumnus will have a separate account maintained by APPNA, who will invest that money and reimburse each alumnus from the profit to be used for the scholarship funds for respective colleges. So our initial donation which will be doubled by matching funds will virtually stay and hopefully, IA will be increasing in value over the years to come. This scholarship fund will be in addition to our regular donation to FJ every year. As discussed with the general membership during alumni dinner evening in 2014, it’s a win situation.