President’s Message

Assalam o Alaikum
My dear Family of FJMCAANA ,

First of all I am grateful to Allah ( SWT) who gave me an opportunity to serve my Alma mater . I am truly humbled and honoured to have this opportunity and with the help of Allah ( SWT) I will try to achieve our goals together for our Alumni . In Shaa Allah

We are going through unprecedented times of our lives . Covid -19 Pandemic has effected the whole world and there are lots of uncertainties. Many people and frontline health workers have lost their lives and many people are still suffering with this disease in hospitals or at homes . My sincere , heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with all those people and their families.

I will like to take a moment to thank all frontline health workers in general and our Fjites in particular who are working tirelessly at the frontline to help and protect their patients. You all are real heroes . May Allah ( SWT) protect all of you and your families and everyone around you . Ameen

Due to these challenging times we could have very limited activities in 2020 but I am really proud of our Alumni that has played a vital role by raising online funds in month of Ramadan . We were able to raise funds for FJMU scholarships , COVID -19 related PPE supply at SGRH , Local Food pantries in USA , AFJOG projects and Mother and Child Hospital. May Allah ( SWT) accept everyone’s donations and efforts . Ameen

Since vaccine is available now in many countries, there is light at the end of the tunnel and we are really hoping that we will be able to meet and see each other . I invite all of you to join us at APPNA summer meeting in July .

As President of FJMCAANA I am really excited and motivated to bring our alumni together. Our women only alumni has all the strength and talent to do great things together. I must say that for FJMCAANA “ sky is the limit “

As a President I have certain goals in 2021-2022.
1- Increase our membership.
2- Update our new website and make it more functional and user friendly.
3-Formation of BOT for our alumni by involving our Past Presidents.
4-Engage FJ Alumni in more academic activities by involving them with APPNA MERIT committee and also by using this platform we can do so much for FJMU and SGRH .
5-Creating awareness and start Family Medicine program at FJMU with support of VC Dr Aamir Zaman Khan and faculty at FJMU . We will have our first online Webinar to introduce Family Medicine in the end of May 2021 .
6- “FJMCAANA Health Channel “is our new initiative abd we have already started Online Free Medical Camps in collaboration with Dr Samina Toufeeq in Pakistan and using her Facebook and YouTube health channel our alumni is talking about various health topics on every Sunday. We have a theme for every month and our motto is “ Prevention is our Passion “. Purpose is to created awareness among general public on screening and prevention .
7- We will be supporting ICU at SGRH and Mother and Child Hospital . We will continue to support Student Scholarships for deserving students at FJMU . This year we are collaborating with TAKMIL Foundation to support Primary education for children in remote areas of Pakistan. We strongly believe that providing education to all children is the basic necessity.
8- Build strong relationship with faculty at FJMU . I am really thankful to VC FJMU Dr Aamir Zaman Khan for his continuous support and encouragement.
9- Collaboration with AFJOG to find common grounds to help and support each other .
10- Provide a platform for our young students at FJMU where we can guide them to excel and shine across the globe with pride and confidence.

I am proud of my Executive council , Dr Hibba Haider , Dr Azra Khan and Dr Nighat Mehdi . They all are motivated and dedicated to raise bars of our Alumni.

Dear Alumni you all are our strength . Let’s work together to make our Alumni shine and I pray from Allah ( SWT) to always guide us , help us and support us to achieve our goals .

Long Live FJMU
Long Live FJ Alumni


Fizza Salim, MD – Class of 1996

Hibba Haider, MD – Class of 1997

Azra Khan, MD – Class of 1983

Nighat Mehdi, MD – Class of 1986
Immediate Past President