Medical Camp and Inauguration of 29 houses in Kashani Basti, Fazal Pur, South Punjab

Sep 27, 2022, FMJMCAANA Flood Relief Activities:

On Sep 27 2022, a team of senior faculty members and young doctors accompanied Dr Fizza Zahid Rafiq (President, FJMCAANA) under the leadership of VC Professor Dr Khalid M Gondal and Dr Asif Jah.

The team arrived at Kashani Basti, Fazal Pur in South Punjab after seven hours of driving. The devastation caused by floods was heartbreaking. All houses were destroyed, people are literally living under the open sky with no food, shelter, clean water or basic necessities of life. It is Basti of 800 people and 300 children. There is no school in the village as well.

The team inaugurated 29 houses in that Basti that will be adopted by FJMU / FJMCAANA. Professor Dr Rashid Latif has sponsored to build of a school in that area and qualified teachers will be hired to provide education to these young children.

The team conducted two medical camps! Almost 90% of women and children were suffering from Malaria, high fever, dehydration, and malnourishment. The team saw patients with gastroenteritis, skin infections and also jaundice. The team also provided medical support to pregnant women.

The project’s goal is to build houses, a school and a dispensary to empower the village of Kashani Basti, Fazal Pur in South Punjab, Pakistan.